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Binding any customer event with the World

ABRESAT has adopted a FLY AWAY and DSNG that spread over both our provincial capitals of Canarian community, are responsible for providing transmission services and satellite signal transmission 6, 8, 12, and 18 Mbps with encryption capabilities Biss and transport content with IPTV encoding (MPEG 4 with outgoing TCP / IP), enabling broadcast quality transmission with a bandwidth of 96Kbps to 1.8Mbps for video and stereo audio. This signal transmission requires a bit rate of 2 Mbps signal and reduce by 33% the minimum bandwidth required for transmission, and enables the use of the full potential of TCP / IP over satellite: Bidirectional (TCP) communications from the mobile unit to the Central continuity and transmission of the IPTV multicast (UDP) which allows the multiple signal reception.

Operational Advantages of IPTV broadcast solution

One of the keys to the solution proposed for the Mobile IPTV Light is undoubtedly the saving-bandwidth satellite. Such savings could even make it feasible for the procurement of the satellite segment is permanently, the latter brings with it some new operational advantages and huge businesses:

  • BOOKING not to do, we can always pass, do not depend on a great event or tragedy generated an over and we can not operate our Mobile Unit.
  • Not to do LINE-UP, the proposed system is a VSAT connected to a DSNG. Today, satellite operators are allowing libraries and similar vehicles to operate these VSAT + DSNG without having to line-up. By not modifying the transmission frequency, the chances of operator error is reduced completely. The station EIRP is adjusted at the time of initial delivery, then every time you start the modem uses the nominal EIRP, no need to re-adjust.
  • New market niches, the fact that the usual business covers more than enough to maintain a carrier in permanence, which allows non-standard hours of news, we offer services to other types of clients (professional events, local TV on a budget ) without incurring any cost .... we have satellite 24 hours a day!